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Mega Ramp

Mega Ramp

An elderly woman, recently widowed, was confined to her home because she could not navigate her front steps with her rollator. This meant she could only get out when someone could come assist her up and down the front stairs. We rallied our guys and built the large ramp required for her to be able to leave her home, access her car, and restore her independence.


Mud Fest

A wonderful family was fighting to overcome a variety of life and health challenges while also battling with the pipes beneath their home freezing. We pulled together and set to work insulating and air sealing the exposed crawl space walls, installing an electric heater to keep the pipes from freezing, and repairing the necessary plumbing.


Roof in a day

One of our volunteers caught word that an elderly woman living by herself in a mobile home association was getting written up for not replacing the shingles on her roof. She simply did not have the means to do the repair. We rolled in with well over 20 guys and stripped, repaired and reshingled her entire roof in a day.