Service Projects



These are multifaceted in their purpose. With our mission being “building a brotherhood…,” the primary focus is to rally guys behind a needed and tangible cause that allows for an environment where men can be encouraged and challenged to be better men for the people around them.  It is our intention to seek out particular people or organizations that could not otherwise afford or do the project at hand. In doing so, we get to secondarily bless people while training up men in skill and character. Similar to the workshops, we also step back midway through the project and ask what we can learn from the project that can help remind us of the kind of men we want and need to be for our families and communities.

Note: those who attend will need to be familiar with our safety manual and annually need to fill out a release form and wavier. They can be downloaded below:

Release Form

Adult Waiver

Minor Waiver

Safety Manual 


Are you fighting through life and need some extra help on your home and live in the Greater Portland or Lewiston/Auburn area? Or do you personally know someone who does? Download our application below:

Application For Service Project

Fill it out and email it back to us at or mail it to:

Living To L.A.S.T.

PO box 1232

Westbrook, ME 04098


Curious about how we decide who to help? Below are the 5 factors we utilize in selecting a service project:

  1. Does the homeowner have a story?

    • What kind of trials and hard circumstances do they have? Is there a story that helps give context to the situation they are in?

  1. Is the desired work a “need” or a “want”?

    • “I want a new back deck” vs “I need a ramp to get into my house because of my current health situation.”

  1. Is the work scalable?

    • Due to the fact that we are almost exclusively volunteer labor, does the situation allow us to scale the scope of work up and down according to the number of volunteers that show up that day?

  1. Can the work be completed in a day?

    • Is there a high degree of confidence that the work can be completed in a day or can be safely left in progress with a plan for the homeowner to take on responsibility to find a way to finish the work.

  1. Are there any major health or safety concerns involved?

    • Is the environment unsafe for volunteers due to a high likelihood of physical injury or picking up an illness?