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Nathan also grew up in South Portland, Maine, and has lived in Maine since 1984. After graduating from UNH, he worked in the landscape industry for ten years doing everything from stonework to design and sales. He seeks to continue to grow his skills in construction and mechanics and enjoys pretty much anything that gets him outdoors- hiking, hunting, sport shooting, gardening, etc.

He is passionate about living an intentional life and believes the best way to live for God and change the world is through one purposeful relationship at a time.

The Board

Cory Phillips

Cory is a people person. He is in his element when amidst a gathering of people. Cory loves to laugh and make others laugh. Not a skilled tradesman by vocation, rather Cory specialized in the world of computers. Currently working as a contractor for his brother-in-laws company, he has been working with computer systems for almost 10 years. Some of his hobbies include photography, bodybuilding, hiking, firearms, board games and cooking.

Cory has been working with Living to Last for three years now. Cory is still in the early stages of becoming a true Mainer. 

Vice President
The Board

Tim Carpenter

Tim hails from Poughkeepsie, New York and currently resides in the seacoast of New Hampshire.  Tim graduated from Ithaca College with his undergraduate degree in sociology and from the University of New Hampshire with his Master’s in Sociology.  After serving for four years as a campus minister with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Tim began working at Bethany Church where he currently serves as the pastor of their Kittery Point campus.

When he’s not working, Tim loves spending time with his wife and 2 children.  He also runs an outdoor survival and gear review channel on YouTube – Everyday Tactical Vids.

Tim is passionate about preaching, apologetics, and following the call of Jesus to be a disciple who makes disciples through intentional relationships, teaching, and mentoring.

Executive Director


Andrew grew up in South Portland, Maine, and graduated from Keene State College with a degree in Environmental Studies. He worked as a lead operator for an environmental service company after graduation, later worked as a technician for a water treatment company and now works part-time in the plumbing/HVAC world as a subcontractor.  For Andrew, work has never been about “building a career;” it has merely been the means to do what he really cares about.

It was his passions, convictions, and faith in Christ that eventually inspired him to start Living To L.A.S.T., where he ultimately feels his heart to be. It is his belief that in friendships with men, talk can often be cheap. If we want to be better men, we have to take action together to make a lasting change around us and in us.  In his spare time, he enjoys mountain biking, indoor rock climbing, and just about anything outside.

The Minutemen

Rodrigo Palacios

Years of Service: 2 years | Town: Lewiston, ME | Occupation: Middle School Teacher

Serving with Living To L.A.S.T. - Living to Last is more than an organization, it’s real people building a lasting brotherhood and getting involved with the communities. I’m so thankful to be part of this great purpose!

Ben Smith

Years of Service: 3 years | Town: Yarmouth, ME | Occupation: SignSmith owner

Serving with Living To L.A.S.T. - Not only do I get to hang out and meet some really cool guys. But I also get to give back to the community and help some really great people who could use a slight hand up. The guys in L2L have become more like family. I am blessed to be able to call them my brothers.

Adam Nailor

Years of Service: 3 years | Town: Auburn, ME | Occupation: Fire Truck Mechanic

Serving with Living To L.A.S.T. - Living To L.A.S.T. is a non-profit on the outside but the mission is a deep connection with other brothers in our communities. We come together to help the overlooked or less fortunate in the community but forge friendships for a lifetime. We have something that I’ve looked for and wanted but didn’t find until now.

Connor Lyons

Years of Service: 3 years | Town: Buxton, ME | Occupation: Plumbing and HVAC

During my few years spent with Living To L.A.S.T., I’ve learned a lot of new things. From building mega ramps for the people in need, to helping update someone's house so they can qualify for house insurance. But what I really love building the most is building a true brotherhood with the guys in this group.

Clarke Giltner

Years of Service: 3 | Town: Windham, ME | Occupation: Portland Glass Store Manager

Serving with Living to Last the past few years has been a testament to God's design to building a brotherhood that desires to grow close as brothers, simultaneously extending our affection for each other, our knowledge of skilled trades, and the saving knowledge of Christ. Serving with our hands, those who are overlooked in the community, inviting any man (young or old) to join a brotherhood of saints to learn what it means to be a man in the arena.

Aaron Gant

Years of Service: 1 | Town: Windham, ME | Occupation: Assistant Transportation Director

After joining Living To L.A.S.T., it didn’t take long for me to realize that this was a great opportunity to not only serve our community but to serve and be served by some fellow brothers in Christ. Having the privilege to serve alongside these men provides a sense of unity among us even though we all come together with different stories and backgrounds.



Megan Gaudin

Fundraising Coordinator


Laura Palacios

Graphic Designer